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We here at As the Disq Turns like to keep our content fresh and highly intellectual, so we’ve decided to add a new Book Review segment. Enjoy!

Lemons Aren’t The Only Fruit – Or Are They Minerals?” by Morel “Joe” Mahoney

Winner of the Karen Prize for dumbest fiction, Lemons Aren’t The Only Fruit – Or Are They Minerals? is a coming-out novel from Morel “Joe” Mahoney, the acclaimed author of “Speling is for Loosers” and “The Plagiarized Autobiography of a Fake Journalist”. The protagonist, Joe, is a racist and sexist old man who is so divorced from reality the doesn’t know that lemons are fruit, but fancies himself to be a journalist of great stature, and pretends he gets paid to write plagiarized, un-proofread blog posts on the internet. He never comes to terms with his preference for man-bras, while insisting he was once an actual police officer. There is no moral journey for Joe; he never understands what an abject failure he is.

Grade: F-. Amazon really needs to stop letting any idiot sell shit for Kindle

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