Happy New Year! Let’s celebrate by laughing at more Small Dick Energy

Thanks for this, Greta Thunberg. I <3 you! On another note, here’s a couple of our small Disqus dicks hilariously talking about being “professional writers” while being incoherent: Better check your CO2 detectors, guys! You’re definitely suffering from confusion (not knowing why you’re banned from, well, everywhere decent), blurred vision (not being able to see…

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Mazel Tov to Bulgingsnake upon finally reaching adulthood!

Alas, the Disqus comment section on TGO is no more. The video can be found here or you can just go to TGO itself: Dude was high as fuck, but seemed sincere-ish. Quite a realization that telling dick jokes and arguing with strangers 24/7 on the interwebs is not the way to go! If…

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