Newsflash: Disqus Officially Says “Fuck It”

Actual Image of Disqus HQ

Earlier this week, Disqus officially turned over the company to their most prolific troll account, unofficially known as “Huggy” due to his issues with older women hugging younger men, in a move that surprises no one. As the shittiest Disqus volunteer mod stated, “I’m so over banning people,” right before he blamed other people for getting trolled by a person with blatant psychological problems and a million accounts.

The “Finn” mod account, which is actually Disqus employees Anna, Ryan, or Sam at any given time, then proceeded to ban and/or temporarily ban random commenters who dared respond to any post made by Huggy. “We used the time-tested method of eenie-meenie-miney-mo to pick who we banned, since there are still plenty of obnoxious comments up made by people we like,” said Finn, who then turned the bot mod back on and deleted every image posted for no reason. Then they yelled “NEET PRIDE”, genuflected to a picture of Andrew Tate, and copy and pasted a paragraph about the gross national product of Indonesia over and over again.

In related news, the price of coconuts has plummeted while shares in VPNs have risen exponentially.

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