Asshole vs Dickcheese Smackdown

Once upon a time, a person, and I use that term loosely, called Sarah Ann got banned from Mahatmashitbag’s sites. Considering all she posts are her age (OMG A BOT IS IN HER 80s!), prayers, and descriptions of her hard-ons for Trump, no one is surprised by this. Except for Wish-He-Had-More-Influence-Than-He-Does, apparently. So he got banned, too! Now they’re participating in a homoerotic slap fight on the interweb. Enjoy!

Oh, how the first sentence below especially had me laughing my ass off… (this is a snip from an extremely long-winded as usual Wishy comment)

…especially when it’s negated by the whining about ATDT, as usual! ATDT must have killed his dog or something.

“It’s okay, I can be racist as fuck! I HAVE ISRAELI FRIENDS!!!! And they all act exactly the same!”