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The Greatest (Twitter) Story Ever Told – Now a Movie!

 Coccyx  May 7, 2021  0 Comments on The Greatest (Twitter) Story Ever Told – Now a Movie!

I’m so freaking excited. That’s right – the story of a stripper’s “ho trip” is coming to the big screen!…

Wheel! Of! Trolling!

 Coccyx  October 24, 2020  0 Comments on Wheel! Of! Trolling!

Be an AtDT hater for a day! Spin the wheel to decide what to post about and get to trollin’!


 Coccyx  October 10, 2020  0 Comments on Trailers!

Some new trailers that may or may not look like crap. Discuss amongst yourselves.

It’s trailer time!

 Coccyx  September 11, 2020  0 Comments on It’s trailer time!

Since the movie theaters reopened to show new movies instead of old ones here, I’ve covered myself in Lysol and…

Reviews of “FLAGGED! The Musical”

 Coccyx  July 18, 2020  0 Comments on Reviews of “FLAGGED! The Musical”

The reviews keep coming in! FLAGGED! The Musical is a huge hit! FLAGGED! The musical is the story of Whiny…

A Musical Interlude

 Coccyx  July 13, 2020  0 Comments on A Musical Interlude

Featuring a shitton of Pogo, just because.


 Coccyx  July 12, 2020

Bet you can’t watch just one!

Must see AtDT TV

 Coccyx  June 19, 2020  2 Comments on Must see AtDT TV

First, there’s “Things White Supremacists Say”, a compilation like “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, but starring racists! A few examples: Then,…

What’s good on TV?

 Coccyx  December 2, 2019  0 Comments on What’s good on TV?

And now, for a post unrelated to morons on the internet, we have “What’s good on TV?” (because people really…