Fun Facts about Coccyx

I know you’re all dying to know more about me, especially those certain people who shall remain soulless nameless, so here are some fun facts about moi!

Fun Fact #1:

I haven’t and will never, ever, comment on your shitty website(s). Especially not to look up someone’s Disqus rep numbers, because anyone can do that by appending their username to the end of the following link, you fucking morons:

And the above link doesn’t make up fake stories about people being trolls, either! It’s like MAGIC!

Fun Fact #2:

I can spot a troll a mile away. Especially one that wants to be me! Case in point:

Oh look! It’s someone who likes to play with the API and loves me so much they’ve pretended to be me on several occasions. Who could it possibly be?! Hi Disqus Is Shitty Platform sock #462 – the version that can actually speak English a bit. Good job!

Fun Fact #3:

I enjoy living rent free in your heads, but can you please clean up the place? It’s like someone dropped a shit bomb in there.

Hope that answers all your burning questions, trolls!

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