NEWSFLASH: Triggered by potatoes!

DUMBASS, MINNESOTA: Meaka, self-proclaimed feminist who supports her ex-boyfriend doxxing women online, is now convinced that As the Disq Turns is a proper news source that should only report on stories she wants it to, and is very VERY upset about what ATDT chooses (or doesn’t choose) to post.

We asked local psychiatrist, Dr. Keforkian, about Meaka’s many issues:

She appears to be under the mistaken impression that she was singled out for ridicule, like many narcissists often do. She neglects to realize that items in the post she’s whining about are in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER from January 2020, and not that “she’s number one” on a ranked list. She also has no sense of humor. Too bad she didn’t get COVID so she’d stop typing about herself and her fake issues for 5 minutes.

Here are some handy tips from the national “Make an Effort At not looKing brain dAmaged online” hotline (or MEAKA for short):

  1. ATDT, like Fox News, is not an actual news source
  2. Grow a sense of humor
  3. Be less self-involved
  4. Don’t go to websites that upset you so much
  5. Throw away your electronic devices

Only you can make yourself not look like a complete idiot online.

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