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NEWSFLASH: Triggered by potatoes!

 Coccyx  December 21, 2020  0 Comments on NEWSFLASH: Triggered by potatoes!

DUMBASS, MINNESOTA: Meaka, self-proclaimed feminist who supports her ex-boyfriend doxxing women online, is now convinced that As the Disq Turns…

Newsflash: TGO shut down!

 Coccyx  September 16, 2020  0 Comments on Newsflash: TGO shut down!

Pedo-pal Wishin-he-wasn’t-insane has claimed that Attention Whore Eri has had TGO shut down: But wait – wasn’t he the one…


 Coccyx  January 9, 2020  0 Comments on POTATOGATE!!!

Not since In honor of this momentous occasion, let’s all haiku (yes it’s a verb fuck you). I’ll begin: Potatogate…