2020 ATDT Highlights

They were simpler times back then (at the beginning of 2020). We started with potatogate and solar minimums:

Mashed potatoes are
the spawn of satan!
A purple haired bitch said so!

Downvoters were revealed and liars lied as always.

Then, the coronavirus hit us – it was a “panoramic treat”!

We sailed on the seas of dumb ships, and several new ATDT shows began, including:

We got trolls’ hopes up by moving to a new webhost. Even Harvey Sphincter showed up!

Several hilarious feuds commenced, some with people who don’t exist.

Trolls took no responsibility for their own actions. Oh, and lots of dregs.

And, most importantly, we got rid of the biggest troll of them all.

Here’s to looking forward to 2021!

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