NEWSFLASH: Troll blocks his own sock account, blames voices in his head

That’s right, known whiner and titfearer Gerald “Wishin-he-had-a-brain” blocked himself today:

Then, he was so embarrassed that he forgot he made that racist sock himself he blamed the eponymous non-entity “ATDT” for it and then pretended to “block ATDT”. Because, as everyone in the world knows, only him and his ilk call people the N-word, not anyone here on As the Disq Turns, because we’re not a bunch of fucking inbred racists. Just scroll through any of their comment histories to confirm the constant whining about BLM and “house negroes” and “plantationists”.

Countdown until Gerald “un-blocks” “ATDT” so he can whine harder in 3…2…1…

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