A Disqus Holiday Poem

Our Holiday Nostalgia Extravaganza continues with another oldie but goodie!

‘Twas the end of the year, and although Disqus tried,
nary a user read the update; just kneejerkily replied.
The Basic Rules and the ToS were outlined with care,
in hopes that everyone would soon grow a pair.
The whiners still cried that it was unfair,
although the forms of redress were written RIGHT THERE.

They made their own channels, they still weren’t happy;
they spent morning, noon, and night every single day fapping.
“Oust the ‘bad’ mods! We must make them all pay!”
They still didn’t get that mods are like they.
If only they’d read the rules that were posted,
and didn’t spend all their days angry and toasted.

Alas, they preferred to spend all their time hating,
making same post after same; whining, trolling, and baiting.
So they posted mean things, tried in vain to shame,
Got in trouble and cried, “Waaa! We can’t call them by name!”

Little did they know as their time wasted away,
the rest of us had happy day after day.
So how about you guys take my unsolicited advice,
worry about yourselves from now on, and move on with your lives.

Happy Holidays, everybody!

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