The Dregs of Disqus Roundup – Alternate Reality Edition

Meanwhile, in some alternate reality

Mahatmashitbag presents (to himself, apparently) an alternate history of Disqus, rife with leftist conspiracies!

Then, some gumby* attempts to rewrite the bit about how shitbag’s myriad of socks were spammed — PROTIP: It was solely because he’s a spammer who tagged people incessantly and HAD A SHITLOAD OF SOCK ACCOUNTS:

Not this kind, to be clear:

Oh, and by the way, PUD is short for PUDENDUM. Hope that helps!

Then, we have the most aptly self-named commenter, chillin’ in her own backwoods shed of conspiracy and crazy ass meth fever dreams:


Wut part 2?

(By the way, Granny, thanks for being the 3rd most prolific ATDT site visitor even though you pretend you never come over here! Your hits make me the big $$$$!

I must have missed the part where any Disqus employee made any of my channels popular. Nice try, though! XD)

And finally, we have the Queen of Denial

…still pretending she didn’t help her boyfriend dox pretty much everyone on her shitty blogs. You can pretend that never happened all you like, you piece of shit, but that’s not reality.

Signing off from the alternate Disqus universe!

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