Episode 9: Flat Tire on the Highway of Life

Miraculously, the Reverend Oral Subconscious resurrected himself in several new forms and insisted it was the work of The Lord! You’d think that The Lord could spell and make some damn sense, but apparently not. In fact, the Reverend’s Sockpuppet Army, as they have become known, constantly participates in circle jerks in front of children and then denies they did so, even when presented with evidence of their activities.

The World’s Dumbest Secret Agent Mark 3 was caught by a mad scientist and placed in a maze from which he is unable to escape, which is especially sad since the “maze” is really a straight corridor with some cheese at the end. The rats previously got to the end ages ago and are now learning to read, while poor Mark 3 is languishing. The mad scientist keeps him around for comic relief at this point.

The Upvotologists have been kicked out of all public spaces for being disruptive and generally insane. Unfortunately for them, this means they can’t buy food in supermarkets like normal people, and have now resorted to cannibalizing the members with the fewest upvotes.

A strange new player has arrived in town. No one knows who he is, but he keeps shouting “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!” at random passers-by, hoping they’ll pay him the least bit of attention. They don’t.

Will the Reverend realize that the world knows that he and his sockpuppet army are all the same person?

Will the World’s Dumbest Secret Agent Mark 3 ever get out of the maze?

Will the Upvotologists contract some sort of brain wasting disease from eating their own?

Does anyone know or care who Whats-His-Name is?

Stay Tuned!

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