Someone’s mad at Disqus and he’s going to rant on the Twitosphere, by gum!

Oh no! You mean Wishy was (finally) banned after years of harassment and posting fake news? SAY IT AIN’T SO!

Wait, is he asking the same “Ryan” who he harassed on a daily basis for the past several years to reinstate him? Or his imaginary friend “Ryan” who’s actually some guy named mohib khan? Either way, good luck with that, bro!

But wait! He mad about other shit, too!

Oh wait, does he mean hate speech like this?

Oops! Looks like someone just reported himself by mistake! Thanks for proving your universal ban was the right move, Wishy! (But thanks more, Sally57092221!)

But he’s not just mad at Disqus! He’s racist against yogurt, as well!

On a happier note, at least he took his wife to see Neil Diamond in 2015. Or was that just him just adding mental torment to her hellish marriage to him?

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