White Sunday: The Racist’s “Black Friday”

That’s right, everyone! It’s coming up on White Sunday, the day for racists to get good deals on the internet!

For only $250.00, they can be their usual Fake Christian (and Fake Jewish) selves and buy some of these (because all their old threats are stale and sad at this point):

Don’t forget to stock up on these – great for those racist “million man” marches with only about 10 people showing up as usual!

White sheets – always good for racist pigs – especially white sheets shaped like an asshole:

Reward them for their love of the orange idiot’s “space force” with a book they’ll splooge all over, though they’d never admit it:

But don’t forget those self-hating misogynists (see below), too! And it’s free! 12 Ways to Spot a Female Misogynist

Though there are really only three steps:

Step one: It’s Desert Woman.

Step two: Laugh at “her” fake account and blatant trolling comments.

Step three: PROFIT!

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