How dare AtDT quote trolls verbatim?!

Wow, we must be really awful people for screencapping what trolls say online!

You know, stuff like this:

Stop doxxing yourself, moron.

Or when someone pretends (badly) to not be a racist pig and gets upset when they’re called out:

Or my personal favorite, people whose every comment is completely fucking racist and/or idiotic:

The only “traitor” to the human race (and common decency) is you, Nurse Ratchet.
PROTIPS: There were no protests because the shooter was caught and brought to justice immediately. The only lives that don’t matter are racist fucks’ lives like yours. HTH

But pointing out these trolls and showing the world what they said is BAD, mmmkay? So definitely don’t post more of their idiocy in the comments, because that would be wrong!

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