Aliens vs Racists

(Illegal) Aliens are apparently messing with the Disqus word filters on racist sites!

Did you know that not calling people the N-word is now “Pro-BLM”? Huh. I thought it was just “not being a racist piece of shit”.

Not only that, but these same nameless (Illegal) Aliens have apparently given Vampire Racist an anal probe! Not just one, but continuously for a year! Guess he liked it.

Where, Molly? Could it be…ALIENS?!

But what do these aliens want from us? POLITICAL “CONTROLNESS”! [sic]

What the actual fuck is “political controlness”, you moron?

But wait! There’s more! DISQUS IS RUN BY (ILLEGAL) ALIENS!

No one will “go down” anywhere near you, Vampire Racist.

Huh, it seems the Disqus Aliens have a TOS. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! THEY DON’T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH!

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