Disqlandia Part 3

Previously on Disqlandia

Micromind consumed the golden chickens… little did he know they were just spray painted gold and had no powers

Frustrated again he stood upon his soap box in Bleatingtons town square, now claiming he was a spokes person for Disqlandia and could invite people into others homes, unfortunately no one heard him as they too were on soap boxes shouting nonsense as they viewed their issues more important than the rest…

As the villagers of Bleatington stood upon their soapboxes a gnat began buzzing in their ears about the various issues in other parts of the kingdom but his buzzing only annoyed Bleatington…all of a sudden a gallant knight passing through on his way to bring peace and order to the kingdom stopped into Bleatington as he heard the commotion of the villagers and wanted to help…the knight tried reasoning with the villagers with logic.

Alas no one would listen as they were still busy cursing the sky. The gnat however was frustrated that he was getting no attention and buzzed in the face of the knight. “I have no loyalty to the kingdom nor Bleatington,” he buzzed repeatedly.

The knight wasn’t having that shit and the gnat was swatted and killed…no one cared.

At that point The knight did what any logical person would do mounted his horse and got out to hold onto his sanity.

Meanwhile while skipping through the woods little red riding hood heard the noises of Bleatington. She peaked around the trees and saw and heard the crappy fife playing and began to twirl. “That looks like fun!” She exclaimed! You see Little Red would sneak into others homes as well and sing random crappy songs and would be shown the door.

“Grandmas can wait!” she exclaimed as she used the excuse of going to grandma’s whenever she was shown the door as a cover for her bad behavior…she didn’t even know if grandma was even alive still.

Red frolicked her way into Bleatington to join the crappy fife players in song and dance.

Little did they all know the sky wasn’t happy with them for their continuous threats of taking down the stars and their weak ass attempts to pierce it with their pitchforks…

Stay tuned for part 4 of Disqlandia


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