NEWSFLASH: Worst Disqus “volunteer” admits Disqus purposely encourages trolling

That’s right, folks! Here it is in black and white:

Does it, now? Huh.
I beg to differ, dumbass

But wait! There’s more idiotsplaining! Something about Fortnite! And real names (which no one uses and we can still have ONLY ONE FUCKING USERNAME ON DISQUS THAT’S NOT OUR REAL NAME, it’s not hard, vuppster!)

And? Who cares. It’s not like real sites use Disqus anyway.

And now he’s getting upset. Poor dear.

Um, where? Funny he’s not linking to the ‘PLEASE MAKE SOCK AND BOT ACCOUNTS AND UPVOTE YOURSELVES SILLY’ help section to prove his point, innit? Oh wait

The important question:
Is he drunk or is he high? You decide.

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