Morons, Avatars, and their Various Mental Issues

Once again, some moron upset himself because he assumed I’m male based on my avatar. Yes, that’s right, a person who’s avatar IS NOT EVEN HUMAN is upset that MY AVATAR IS A MALE AND I AM NOT. (Not to mention they think it’s Vincent Price, but that’s a whole other issue… *looks pointedly at Jaye*)

How do these people function in the real world? They must go into fits when men have long hair and women have short hair. If I’m wearing a band t-shirt do they think I’m the entire band? What the fuck do they do on Halloween, cower in their basements due to the uncertainty? Anyway…

In honor of this dumbassery happening for the millionth time, here are a couple of blasts from ATDT’s past:

1) ATDT’s Wild Disqus Presents: How to spot a whackjob by their avatar

Here in the wilds of Disqusland, it can sometimes be difficult to spot a whackjob until it’s too late. But there are some simple tells that whackjobs can’t avoid, and one of them is the avatars they tend to choose. The avatars you should generally look out for are:

American Flags:

Usually only flown by internet assholes

Confederate Flags:

Always flown by internet racists


Usually a libertarian or some other random moron who knows nothing about anything

Eyeball closeups:

Generally a run of the mill nutjob creeper weirdo

People with any of the above avatars are often found shouting FREEEEEEEEEEEDOM, crying about “liberals”, inbreeding amongst themselves, getting banned for not understanding how to interact with human beings, and/or creating multiple sockpuppets and upvoting themselves and each other in religious frenzies.

Approach with caution. Even better, just ban and block the motherfuckers. Trust me, it will be no loss to you or the community whatsoever.

2) Fun Fact: Only incels whine about avatars not matching genders online

Case in point:

PROITP FOR INCELS LIKE PAUL: If an online avatar doesn’t immediately inform you that a person isn’t interested because they are a real human being with standards, you should just assume that from the get-go. No one will ever be interested in you – male, female, or your usual go-to, farm animals of any gender. You and your hand will just have to continue your “special” relationship! Make sure to say “hi” to your pals at return of kings for all of us!

By the way, Meaka made a typo – she doesn’t “love dick”, she “loves dicks”. How can you tell? If she posts on your “blog”, you’re a dick.

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