The Stages of Troll Grief, re Disqus Channel “Sunsetting”

As those of you who don’t live under rocks already know, Disqus is closing down its channel system as of September 1st and you have probably come to terms with it. However, a good portion of Disqus’ troll contingent are still lingering in the early stages of grief. To wit:

Stage 1: Anger

Example: “Well, I didn’t even like channels anyway! Mods suck! FUCK DA POLICE! Wait a minute, I did like some channels (that put up with my shit).”

Stage 2: Desperation

Example: Willingly giving control of your channel to tommy

Stage 2a: Self-Deletion (Occurs in only 50% of cases.)

Example: Deleting your account after willingly giving control of your channel to tommy

Stage 3: Idiocy

Example: Pretending to get upset that a nazi you gave away your channel to actually hates Jews, especially if you’re a racist, sexist pig and condone racism and sexism yourself.

Stage 4: Acceptance

Example: Trying to make your own “blog”, realizing it’s too hard, setting up Twitter, uh, Slack instead

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