The idiot’s guide to doxxing yourself

Step 1: Whine as loudly as possible whenever someone mentions your name and then explain EXACTLY how they can dox you:

P.S. The ***** stands for MEAKA, as we all fucking know at this point. Hope that helps.

Step 2: Pretend not to know that a search for your just your first name, MEAKA, doesn’t come up with anything about you on Google.

Step 3: Because you’re a moron, keep bringing up Minneapolis, where you live.

Step 4: Don’t forget to post your own picture!

Step 5: Frequent sites where your doxxers post so they can get your IPEEZ, and then whine about how nothing’s your own damn fault. Oh yes, and make sure to get angry when someone points out that you’re not being doxxed by use of your first fucking name, you fucking idiot.

Congratulations! You’ve just doxxed yourself.

As an extra bonus, conveniently forget how you you and your boyfriend used your website to dox others!

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