What is QAnon? A Hard-Hitting Investigative Report

Since the inbred constituents of Buttfuck, Georgia’s 14th Congressional District have elected QAnonist (QAnoner? QAnonass?) weirdo Marjorie Taylor Greene in the House primary, people have been wondering “What the fuck is QAnon?” Well, dear readers, that’s what As the Disq Turns is here for – real news reporting.

So, for a quick primer on QAnon, here’s a video:

Oh, wait. That’s some guy who thinks penguins aren’t real.

Okay, here it is:

No, no, this is about some dude who doesn’t think the moon exists.

Give me a sec, I’m sure I have it somewhere.

Shit. Still not it.

Here it is! Found it under Jimmy Hoffa’s corpse:

Now you can feel comfortable discussing how fucking stupid QAnon is with conservatives. You’re welcome!

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