An important message from AtDT

In this time of pandemics and racial unrest, it’s important to remember that Disqus is SO MUCH WORSE! #1stworldtrollproblems

Remember when…

Ferd (and others) cried like a little bitch about All Stars on some random site on the internet? I assume this was the start of his fake “heart problems”:

Deb made a petition whining about something or other Disqus-related?

I made fun of stupid petitions by making my own petition and the trolls went [more] insane?

Wishin’-he-had-a-penis didn’t know (a) what harassment is, (b) how to look up an address on Google, and (c) what “forthcoming” means?

Make sure to take off your masks, guys! You all know what’s happening in the real world is a false flag operation to distract for everything that’s wrong with Disqus!

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