Why am I so persecuted?

I’m just a helpless girl in a big ‘ol world with no white knights to protect me!


*hocks a loogie*

*looks in the tissue*

All I’m doing is posting adorable cat pics like these!
Now available at the ATDT shop!

OMG look how cute!

And this one, too!
Also available at the ATDT shop!

Why does everyone hate kitties so much? It must be them that’s the problem. I’m a wonderful person, even with all my blatant mental and emotional issues that I deny I have by posting a shitton of shitty music videos and pretending to miss the point!

Here, let me change the subject by posting about some other nonsense no one gives a fuck about like the cucumbers growing in my garden (by which I totally mean that I want some dick) and pretending to get along with people who previously doxxed me because it serves my current purposes (and I totally want some dick).

Yes you are, Meaka. Yes you are. And so’s your little dog JOS, too!

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