Disqlandia Part 4

Previously on Disqlandia, Little Red Riding hood twirled and “sang” (screeched) into Bleatington and was greeted with enthusiasm by that old witch who loved Red’s voice:

Meanwhile, Micromind had gotten tired of other people on soap boxes as he claimed he could be the only one on a soap box. He started lighting other peoples’ soap boxes on fire while yelling “Have it your way!

The people of Bleatington got off their soapboxes immediately and poured gasoline on the fire because that’s how they roll.

Things in Disqlandia were quiet and serene. It was a joyful week of laughter and fun. But the evil wizard of Daftsville was plotting and making plans for his little mechanical pigs and was putting them through rigorous training!

Elsewhere, a psychotic flamingo desperate for attention rented some land from that old witch so that he might capture people and hit them in the head with a croquet mallet Everyone looked at him and laughed.

As the smoke settled, the boy who cried wolf waltzed into Bleatington, stood on a burnt soap box and asked the crowd what a fantasy was as he had forgotten what those were like…

Stay tuned for the next episode of Disqlandia

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