The Dregs of Disqus Dumb Shit Roundup

Even though channels are gone, the morons still roam free! In no particular order:

A random idiot on Discuss Disqus is too lazy to delete his own account; whines when told to do so.

Would you like Disqus to change your diaper, too?

We have “moderator report card”, which still has nothing to do with moderators, reports, cards, or any combination thereof, chugging along in their new digs with an array of zero comments per post:

On NV, it looks like people still don’t know what moderators are. Thanks, Deb-bama!

idiot for god

Yep, you sure ripped me by whining like a 3 year old! LMFAO

On “Covert Whiny Baby”, a wannabe cocksuckee/part-time cocksucker whines about another moderator while he made a nazi a moderator on his forums and allows trolls, stalkers, and the psychotic to post.

This image can also be found under “hypocrite” in the dictionary.

Is UPS not hiring?

On “Forums No One Wants”, a multiple personality fake Jew shitbag doesn’t understand the concept, as usual.

I guess he’s a masochist. XD

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