Once upon a time in trolland…

Once upon a time, poor little Mariam the Shitlover rolled around in her own shit and called it roses. She did it so often that no one paid attention to her. So, she complained about people using “bad words” and pretended she was a “good person” and called others “scum” while constantly posting pictures of Jo, pretending she didn’t know it was her, and being a complete asshole about it. Then, she obsessively followed the new As the Disq Turns, which she insisted was the most horrible thing in the whole world! So, when Disqus finally went kablooey, poor little Mary withered away like the pathetic piece of shit she is, but not before getting picked up by the trolland police for violating the restraining order that Jo put on her for being obsessed with her legs.

Dumbassery of the highest order
Hypocrisy, thy name is Mariam. XD

Then, an oaf called Communique didn’t understand the simple concept that people can change their display names without becoming different people, even though she had 100 different names for herself. She was so dumb that she managed to enrage someone even dumber than she is, Wishy the Tit-Fearer, so much that he doxxed the shit out of her while pretending to be the fair Princess Myte! So she put all her time and effort into obsessively copying and pasting a countdown clock from As the Disq Turns everywhere when she could just make one herself, the lazy cunt.

Morons gotta moron
Let’s see…maybe Forkless was a mod at Discuss Disqus and changed his display name to confuse trolls like you! Wait, logic? THAT’S CRAZY TALK!!!

Eri the Attention Whore spent all of her days in trolland servicing other trolls thusly:

A reenactment of Meaka’s entire life.

She had fake relationship after fake relationship with trolls Dirt Pile/Paul/[FILL IN FAKE “MALE” TROLL NAME HERE], the Justifiers of Drama, because she couldn’t hold down a job in the real world. Then, like clockwork, she’d get really upset when someone called her out on her bullshit and she’d make yet another new account that she would pretend wasn’t hers until she couldn’t stand not receiving the attention she really wanted. The countdown to her getting back with Jos, the Bald Mustardy Doxxer, the only one who could ever give her the constant attention she always wanted, begins now.

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