5 things that never happened, and 1 that (unfortunately) did

5 things that never happened:

  • Channels still exist? And people are complaining about them? Huh.
  • So will Ferd be doing all this stuff he pretends other people are doing before or after his next fake heart attack?
  • Thanks for helping Wishy to report those TOS violations, random troll who’s totally Ryan!
  • Did the interweb police hoist him on their shoulders and start a parade after he “took down” the site, too?
  • Someone’s “daughter” pretended their “mother” died and magically logged into her Disqus account so she could tell all the trolls about it. PROTIP: If all your internet “friends” are pretending to die to get away from you, it’s probably because you’re an asshole.

And one thing that did happen:

My EYES!!!!!

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