Every time a Dreg whines, a liberal gets their wings!

It’s been a while since the last “official” Dregs of Disqus post, and the fodder has been building up!

First off election madness! And by “madness” I mean complete and utter delusion:

OMG WE CANCELLED JUDGE JUDY?!?! I’mma turn Republitard now. Oh wait, did you mean that racist piece of shit Disqus commenter Judge Judy? Then I take full responsibility.
I’M going to CApitaLIZe RANDOM shit and raNT NonSENISICaLLY! (P.S. – People are “hanged”, penises are “hung”. Hope that helps.)
…you do know that’s what elected officials are supposed to do, right — work for the people and not their own special interests? Or did you miss that bit?
PROTIP: COVID is a thing. Only idiots attended giant rallies with no masks on.

P.S. Here’s a video of what it’s like reading your posts, wishisfullofshit:

Um, Americans can buy real estate in Mexico, are you on crack? I think you should leave first before we close all the borders.
Thanks for admitting you have no clue what the fuck you’re talking about, Desert Shitbag! I mean, we all knew that already but it’s nice of you to finally admit it.

But wait! It’s Obama’s fault that some racist couldn’t watch a shitty ass movie! STOP THE PRESSES!

PROTIP: No one except Shitbag and those foreigners you’re so afraid of spell it “Moslems”, sweetheart.

And, as always, everything that’s not Biden’s (or Obama’s) fault is my fault.

How long ago did ExpectWhining “dox” me, Shep? Have you been hibernating for years?
Was he drunk when he wrote this?

Several million liberals thank you for their new wings, Dregs! We couldn’t have done it without your ex-president killing off a bunch of old, white people who would have voted for him by making sure they all got COVID!

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