Dregs Mini-Post: Hysterical Inaccuracy Edition

No worries! We always have plenty of dicks to laugh at here!

Today’s dregs are whining about movies & tv:

Where do you get this stuff? Out of “The Particularly Stupid Racist’s Handbook”? PROTIP: That wasn’t the issue, sport

But wait, there’s even more dumbassery about this!

OMG, you are fucking idiots.

“THEY WANT TO REWRITE HISTORY”…you mean like rewriting the whole bit about the Manson Family killing Sharon Tate? That revision? That one’s okay, is it?

And an extra added bonus from everyone’s least favorite racist – have a dash of homophobia, too!

Maybe you should stick with “Duck Dynasty” – seems more like your “brand”.

Keep on keepin’ on in your sewers, dregs! We need the lols!

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