How to not get featured on AtDT

People (especially those who look like Jeffrey Epstein post mortem) seem to be having difficulty understanding how NOT to get featured on As the Disq Turns. It’s very simple:

Especially don’t threaten to shut a forum down for the hundred millionth time, while then contradicting yourself saying you really don’t want to shut it down, while it’s obvious that you really, really do … not that it will ever happen!

Steps you can take to stop being a fucking asshole include:

  • Stop calling women “girls”
  • Stop pretending that women who don’t want to fuck you are actually men – men don’t want to fuck you, either
  • Stop accusing other people of harassment when that’s all you do all day every day
  • Stop making sad, empty, meaningless threats — (wait, this is hilarious and gives us even more to post about – keep doing it)
  • Stop posting on the internet
  • If none of these suggestions help, just stop being you.

Hope that helps! If you need more information about how to stop being an asshole, click here.

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