Newsflash: Trolls miss ATDT!

EAST DUMBFUCK: Trolls, who constantly whined about ATDT on a daily basis, are now up in arms because there haven’t been any new posts in a while:

Don’t worry! ATDT is still alive and kicking!

Thanks for pointing out what your blogs are like, guys — boring and samey. You forgot filled with racists, though! HI SWEATTY!

Grandma Meth, one of the loudest complainers about ATDT, has been visiting ATDT on a daily basis (as usual). A reliable source tells ATDT that Paul is just sad because a certain someone isn’t showing him her tits. This is because she’s been getting it on with Granny and ATDT on the side.

In other news, Granny Meth thinks that the Deathwatch channel, channels about SciFi TV, music channels, and every other channel was a “satire” “blog”, proving once again she has no idea what satire is.

It’s only satire when people say fake nice things about you when you die, Granny. Hopefully, that will be soon. Thanks Coronavirus!

So there’s no need to fear, trolls! ATDT is here to laugh at you, as always.

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