Dregs of Disqus Roundup: Trouble in Paradise/Eye Bleach Edition

So many dregs, so little time!

Part I: Trouble in Paradise

First off, we have the whiny, misogynistic, idiotic, Munchausen-by-Internet, self-proclaimed “nice guys” love triangle no one wanted, Meaka, Paul, and DTX, dashed to pieces on the shores of Meaka’s constant stupidity.

Summary: Moms: Hell no. Doxxing people with your crazy boyfriend’s help: A-OK!

If only that were true, Meaka. You have never spent LESS time on Disqus. Ever.

It’s the same thing that’s going on in Meaka’s mind at all times, Pinky: “PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!”

Takes a super troll to know a super troll, sweetie.

We really didn’t need to hear about your fantasies, Paul.

But at least one self-hating woman is the voice of reason:

And it’s always the same set of shitty songs, too. And don’t forget the cat pics and sudden interest in animals that pops up at the same time!

Too bad she still hits on morons on the internet every day. But I suppose a gal’s gotta make a living in addition to social security!

And speaking of social security, we’ve got another utter lie in print, courtesy of Wishin He Had More Than One Working Brain Cell:

LOLOLOLOL “Drama Free” LOLOLOLOL “safe from harassment and stalking” LOLOLOLOLOL “entertaining, educational and informative” CAN’T BREATHE, LAUGHING TOO HARD, CALL AMBULANCE

But oh, no! There’s more trouble in paradise! CLASS ACTION SUIT AHOY!

Are “trolls” and “racists who pretend other people are racists” protected classes now?


Part II: Eye Bleach

Wishin He Wasn’t a Massive Hypocrite, aka the self-proclaimed “nicest person evah” tells us all his sexual fantasies about Gus (and vice versa):

PROTIP: You’re not making yourself look any better by admitting you’re a drunken wife beater, Gerald.

…pictures you obvously masturbate to.

Okay, this is accurate. I got nothin’

See? Told you!

When even Bulgingsnake thinks you’re a moron, that clinches it:

And we couldn’t get away without some granny eye bleach:

You’re welcome! See ya next time!

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