The Story of Little Lurker Gerald

Once upon a time, Little Lurker Gerald lurked somewhere he really, really wanted to be a part of, but where no one liked him so he couldn’t participate.

Yep, keep on using this gif I made, guys! Shows how much you adore me! XD

The reason no one liked him is because he was a pathetic piece of trash who spent all his time looking up women’s skirts and then pretending he was the one being harassed.

Poor Gerald, being harassed by the existence of all stars!

So he spent day after day tagging people from the rancid shitpile he lived in, trying to get attention, which made everyone laugh and laugh harder at his empty threats to call the authorities on them (considering he was a big ol’ stalker/harasser). Then those people blocked his dumb ass, kept writing hilarious stories, gathered screencaps of his stupidity from various contributors as they always have, and continued to live happily ever after.

The end.

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