The Dregs of Disqus Roundup – Fall Edition

Yep, the dregs of Disqus are still dredging the depths of decency.

Here we have No-Knees Mahony, racisting as only he can:

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A “plantationist, an oriental, a gay man, and two house negroes” walked into a bar. They all beat the shit out of MC because he’s a racist piece of shit, even though they didn’t exist anywhere but in his addled mind. Then they took away the “free” new knees he got thanks to Obama and gave them to someone way more deserving.

He’s also so jealous of News Views, he may have burst the last working blood vessel in his brain, as evidenced below:

Learn to speak English if you want to live in this country, MC!

If only there was some way to spot idiots like this in the wild…oh wait! There is!

In related news, congratulations to News Views and their high Google ranking!

Sorry that 435174183r541534.racist isn’t working out for you, Mr. ‘Jernilist”!

Then, we have Consider Me Never Leaving Disqus (aka Not Amusing), who’s entire profile is a treasure trove of fucknuttery, so much so that I can’t pick just one example of stupidity. But this sums it up:

Let’s see, who else? Oh yes, Ms. Attention Whore Moron (lifetime achievement award recipient), still accusing other people of doing what she denies she did and does constantly herself:

Looking good. Meaka!

The hypocrisy is astounding, as are her whoring skills. Wait, is it whoring if you do it for free? A question for the ages!

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