Watching the remake of ‘Overboard’ is like reading Deb A’s attempts at copying ATDTs

A little preface here. Overboard with Kurt and Goldie is one of my favorite movies of all time.. A dear friend of mine who shares my love of this epic movie warned me not to even bother with the new remake. She said I would be disappointed they butchered such a great film.

Of course my curiosity finally led me down the amazon prime path of the remake of Overboard and it’s just so freaking terribly written, and such a pathetic attempt at copying, true, funny entertainment I could not help but think of Deb Allen trying to emulate her obsession, Coccyx. I see why the remake is hence just ignored as Mod Whine II eventually became with ramblings of Queen Bitches and other failed attempts at being creative or witty.

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