Drama queens still drama queening amid Disqus death throes

Where to begin? Let’s go alphabetically:

First, we have ER, who calls herself the “scourge of disqus”, but who’s really just a moron. The latest: she tries to call someone out on their grammar (their use of plurals, specifically), then fucks up the same exact thing in her next comment and also praises a sock troll:

Then, we have Ian, the whiniest crybaby on Disqus. He’s whining about being banned on Banned Camp, but he cares SO LITTLE he whines SEVERAL TIMES about it.

You care, Ian. You care a shitload.
Oh look, here he is NOT CARING. AGAIN.

But perhaps ol’ Ian forgot that he ASKED TO BE BANNED AT BANNED CAMP because he was SO UPSET that his SAFE SPACE THREAD wasn’t a safe space for his whining after all!The irony is strong in this one

How soon we forget.

And finally (for the moment), we have one of mahatmashitbag‘s million socks, whining about Cali. Again.

The only sock zeitgeist is you, shitbag.

What will all these whiners do on D-Day. September 1st? STAY TUNED!

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