As The Disq Turns has moved; cause we’re cool like that

You have heard, and now seen correctly. Aliens have deemed a As the Disq Turns worthy of its own blog. We can see hang out, schedule our sex affairs using the Disqus G6 jet, and not even have to swat troll accounts attempting to infect our hang out.

Kate Bush approves, supports, loves us:

so..if the channel system is dead, hopefully that will mean so are the connects to the feuds, yet we can still make fun of whomever we want, which no matter how mature you “claim” to be, is often entertaining. especially on the web where you get the real nut cases.

I will be sad to see people stop blaming Disqus for all the “SJWs” attempting to brain wash the world through its platform…. but they may never shut up about it like they still have not up about Duck Season. who & wherever you are: may you be blessed by Kate Bush also.

-Love Lannister

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