The Dregs of Disqus Round Up: Self-Delusion Ahoy!

Boy oh boy do we have some delusion going on here, and it’s not all Meaka this time (though she’s still deluding herself):

No you’re not even remotely sick of it. It’s your whole life.

When other trolls are calling you out on your lies and attention whoring, maybe you should pay attention, sweetie:


Uh oh! I wonder if she, uh I mean JOS, is going to threaten to dox me again because I screencapped her avatar with her picture in it! WHAT SHALL I DO? I know!

Next up, we have a delusional racist, sexist, piece of shit complaining about someone else “name calling”:

So, how are those “house negroes” you like to talk about all the time, MC?

And granny being her usual delusional self, but we’re used to that:
Um, you know Disqus started in 2007 and that was present on websites way the fuck before channels existed, right? … Granny? … Are you asleep in the gruel again?

But the most hilarious is “nice guy” Wishy, who thinks that purchasing four mail order wives entitles him to … something? Being a complete dick on the internet? Is that what a “nice guy” is? PROTIP: Actual nice guys don’t have to tell people they’re nice guys because they just are. Only complete assholes say they’re “nice guys”.
You should have read the advice Dan Savage gave you, honey.

Also, I’m sure Disqus was absolutely crushed that The Daily Nazi “left” (read: was kicked off Disqus for hate speech, like Breitbarf). Also, tommy said he likes having a finger up his ass while you’re sucking his dick, wishy. You’re not trying hard enough.

Who do you think you’re fooling? Even Vuppe isn’t that much of an idiot.

What other self-delusion have we missed this week? Let us know in the comments!

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